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Solutions for Wastewater Treatment & Reuse

Potable Clari-Flocculator

Mobile / Transportable Wastewater Treatment Machine

  • Patented Wastewater Treatment Technology.

  • Machines come pre-fabricated in standard shipping containers

  • Highly mobile, transportable wastewater treatment machine.

  • Capacity of recycling from 2m3/hr to 450 m3/hr.

  • Low energy consumption & Minimal labor costs to operate.

  • Removal efficiency as high as 90% for Turbidity, colour, algae, TSS, colloidal matter, heavy metals, faecal coliform, 96% for total phosphorus and 60% – 80% for BOD & COD.

  • No civil construction needed

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Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant

Biological Wastewater / Sewage Treatment Plant

  • Patented technology for odor control

  • Polypropylene tanks guaranteed for 20 years

  • No Noise

  • Lowest electricity consumption

  • Capacities ranging from 3 KLD to 1 MLD

  • In ground & above ground STP installation

  • Lowest real estate footprint

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Sludge Management System

One Stop Solution For Sludge Management

  • Simple mechanized operation

  • Extremely low power and rinsing water consumption

  • No synthetic filter cloth requiring periodic attention

  • Low speed operation hence low energy input

  • High solids capture

  • Excellent recovery of all types of sludge

  • Compact/low space requirement

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Removes heavy metals, fats, oil, and grease etc.

  • Supplied as a skid mounted unit, fully assembled for inlet/outlet and backwash connections

  • Low operating costs

  • Low power requirements

  • Minimal chemical additions

  • Low maintenance

  • Sludge minimization

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Advanced Oxidation Process

A highly competitive technology for wastewater treatment

  • Zero Sludge Solution For Sewage Treatment
  • No operator Required
  • Packed Solution
  • WN AOP Corrector
  • Conventional plants remove 85 to 90% of BOD, TSS
  • Also removes the small portion of nitrogen, phosphorus, and heavy metals.
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Industries & Applications We Cover:

We can treat the water for the following industries or applications:

Municipal, Leasing, Agriculture, Paper Mills, Power Plants, Pharmaceutical, Tanneries, Textile, Effluent treatment, Sewage treatment, Township water supply, Water pre-treatment, Seasonal Sites, Schools, Residential’s, Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, Malls.

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